What You Need To Know About How To Trademark A Phrase

trademark 16Do you have a catchy phrase that you use all the time? If it’s becoming popular and you plan on using it for marketing or sales purposes, you probably should get it trademarked. If you’re wondering how to trademark a phrase, you’ve come to the right place. It isn’t difficult as long as your phrase is original and isn’t being used by someone else.

A trademark is any name, slogan, symbol or design that is used for commercial purposes. A trademark is used to identify a certain product in a way that distinguishes it from other similar products. Trademarks are a form of protected property just like a copyright. When you own a trademark, you have exclusive rights for its use.

A tagline or slogan become popular and acquire value. When this happens, your phrase will become an important part of your business success and it may soon be necessary to protect the phrase from infringement. The way to do this is to register the phrase as a trademark.

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Within the United States, all trademarks are approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This agency is also responsible for monitoring all registered trademarks to ensure they are not used illegally.

Even when your phrase is a registered trademark, that doesn’t mean it will never be used by someone else. Trademarking your phrase protects against its use in a commercial enterprise such as selling t-shirts or mugs.

Once you begin using the phrase as part of your marketing efforts, you are already beginning the trademark process. Even if you haven’t formally registered the phrase, your consistent use and identifying the phrase with your company keeps it safe from local infringement. The next step is to register it as an official trademark so it is protected nationally.

Follow these tips on how to trademark a phrase and protect your company’s future success. Get it done as soon as possible and your phrase will be yours forever.